Thursday, 13 October 2011

Day One - A Very Normal Day

Today, I went to school (as all Thursdays). I saw her walking to first period, as always. I say hi and she responds the same except her hi is much cuter. Don't see her again until lunch when she sees me and brings up an inside joke from long ago. We talk for maybe 5 minutes then continue on with our different friend groups. Then I see her again at the end of the day while everyone is loading the buses to go home, she gives me a joking, angry stare. I respond with "You wanna fight?". She says yes, and I fake a swing at her and go in for a hug. "You can't solve your problems with violence, Lily" I say. She laughs and she runs off to her bus as my friends come and we go home. I am exhausted.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Two Directions

I'n thinking about it, there's two ways this could go.

1)  The sad way (obviously rejection)

The first line explains why I picked this song. I don't even like sad music, I'm all about upbeat rock so this is seriously depressing to me, anyone else?

2) The AWESOME way (obviously WINNING)

The title explains why I picked this song. It's not the official video because that sucks (and that's saying something because I'm Canadian and that's one of our home sports, next to hockey...another sport played on ice, anyone else notice that?)

Hoping for the best,

Frosty New Beginnings

Why hello, non-existent audience, I am splickerteine, or splick for short (don't ask why, I don't even know). I'm a typical 15 year old guy except I'm pretty much a nerd without the glasses and I'm slightly more popular than one. I play copius amounts of video games, have acne, am very smart and sometimes I look in the mirror and think, hot diggity! I admit that my love life is lacking as I've only had like, ohhhh maybe one serious girlfriend (About 3 relationships in total). I go to a catholic school (even though there's not one molecule of religiousness in me) so relationships are kinda down played, but still desired.

There's this one girl, I'll call "Lily" (because I don't know one person actually called Lily), we used to be friends and science partners but I was too much of a scared bunny to ask her out. We kind of fell apart then we talked again only to be followed by nothing. Recently, due to strange initiative, seemingly coming from nowhere, I brought up the courage to start small conversations with her (Mostly over Facebook chat, still not great with the confidence stuff). They got much less awkward as time went on and that's where the story stops. That is present day me and I'm going to try this time to get the girl and save the castle, burn the dragon etc. This is my adventure on how "To Get The Girl" (Haha, see what I did there? THAT'S THE TITLE OF THE BLOG! :D)